About Us

Matthew Lambourne comes from a business background of buying and selling containers, so he could see the potential in providing storage facilities for businesses and individuals. He set up Robertsbridge Container Storage Ltd in the year 2000 at The Mill in Robertsbridge and then moved the business to Johns Cross Farm, just outside Robertsbridge towards Hastings, on the A21.

Self Storage is the big new business spreading across the UK as traditional storage facilities are expensive and difficult to access. Also, your goods get moved around and are likely to be damaged. In our self storage facility, your goods are under your control, without risk of damage, and the storage is secure, with robust locks, fire and intruder alarms and closed circuit television coverage.

People, these days, are tending to use their garage for their car and loft for extra living space and therefore require somewhere dry and secure to put their stuff, which they can access when they require at no extra cost. Lots of our customers but their winter stuff in store in the summer and summer stuff in store in the winter.